Make up sentences and write them down 1 My T -shirt /biq / your T-shirt - 2 His homework/difficult/her homework 3 My father/ old / my mother 4 their workbooks /thin /their textbooks 5 the road /lonq /the path (тропинка) 6 history /easy / maths 7my new nickname / funny / your nickname 8 art lessons / interestinq / IT


Ответы и объяснения

1 My t-shirt is bigger than your t-shirt
2 His homework is more difficult than her homework
3 My father is older than my mother
4 Their workbooks are thinner than their textbooks
5 The road is longer than path
6 history is easier than maths
7 my new nickname is funnier than your nickname
8 art lesson is more interesting than it