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For me, September 1 - a very important day because it is the beginning of a new school year and testing. Again, see your classmates know how they spent their summer.At the end of the summer, I have been looking forward to this moment, because I wanted to start with renewed vigor to the study of new materials and new knowledge. On September homeroom teacher talks about upcoming plans and innovations in the curriculum if they are available.
    It is interesting to see how the students have changed my school over the summer. Often, after the summer holidays you can see the new man, which after this period of time has changed a lot.
The first of September - a new step to success, to the victories and defeats, a new series of obstacles in your way that you have to how to successfully overcome. I'm attracted to different kinds of obstacles as they may overcome you realize that you can overcome everything in its path.
(Я, конечно, многовато написала ._. Но вы там сами выберете основное о: )