ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, ПОМОГИТЕ:Нужно составить 36 предложений на английском языке по теме "Мода ". по три предложения на каждое время . вместо future perfect continious нужно использовать конструкцию to be going to.

все круто) доделай пожалуйста )
ты уверена, что вместо future perfect continious нужно вставить конструкцию?
я сделала все, кроме future perfect
Сделай уж его сама))

Ответы и объяснения

1. Fashion is changing every moment
Somwhere in the world people are buying new clothers right now
some women are always talking about clothers
2. I usually dress fashionable
I prefer to but clothers in brand shops
I like to go shopping once a month
3. We have bought this dress in Spain
She has designet this dress herself
I have already finished my make-up
4. I have been doing shopping the whole day
She is tired because she has been creating her new jacket for five hours
He has been changing his clothers before going dating with you for an hour
5. Years ago fashion was exactly the same
I used to wear short skirts when I was younger
I bougt this skirt a month ago
6. I was doing shopping at five o'clock
I was watching fashion tv-show when you called
She was looking for surch skirt the whole day
7.I had already finished my make-up when you came
He had already bought expensive jeans when he saw another one, cheaper
She had finished her jacket before he came
8. She had been changing her make up for two hours
She had been doing shopping for the whole day
We had been watchin fashion show for an hour
9. I will finish my fashion project at 6 o'clock
If you have some free time I will take you to the fashion show
I will be happy as soon as I find job in fashion industry
10. This time next week I'll be doing shopping
I am going to do shopping next week
She was going to won fashion show competition
11. She will have finished shopping by 6 o'clock
They will have changed programme of thein show because of rain
I will have designed my jacket by friday