Ответы и объяснения

1) Is the Republic of Belarus situated in the centre of Europe?
2) What countries does It border?
3)  Belarus is a land of vast plains and picturesque hills, thick forests and green meadows, deep blue lakes and flowing rivers, isn't it?
4) Are there a lot of rivers and lakes are in our country?
5) The largest lake in Belarus is lake Naroch which stretches for 13 kilometers from West to East, isn't it?
6) Does Belarus have a moderately continental climate due to Atlantic influences with a warm winter and a worm summer?
7) What can you say about the war that took place in 1812 when the emperor Napoleon attacked Russia?
8) Is the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 one of the most heroic and tragic periods in the history of the century?
9) Is today Belarus a developed industrial state?
10)  Does agriculture of Belarus specialize in milk and meat production, flax, vegetables (especially potatoes) and fruit (especially apples)?
11) Are there nowadays in Belarus 43 universities, academies and institutes which provide training in various spheres of science and humanities?