Present perfect with everl never.

Complete the conversation. Use the present perfect and the words in brackets.

...Angus: Fantastic. London is the best city I(1) (пример) `ve ever visited (ever/visit). And the hotel is great too - I(2) ____ (never/sleep) in such a comfortable bed!

...Sarah: (3) ___ you ____ (ever/be) to London before, Angus?

...Angus: No. In fact, I(4) ___ (never/be) to England before. But I love it here. Everything`s brilliant - but it`s a bit expensive. Dad`s a bit shocked - he (5) ____ (never/spend) so much in three days before! And tonight we`re going to the theatre, and then to a Japanese restaurant.

...Sarah: Japanese? Oh right. (6)____ you _____ (ever/eat) Japanese food?

...Angus: Yes, lots of times. It`s delicious.

...Sarah: OK. Well i (7) ____ (never/tre) it, but I believe you! OK, have a good time tonight Angus.

...Angus: Thanks - I will! Bye Sarah.


Ответы и объяснения

2. I have never slept
3. Have you ever been
4. I have never been
5. he has never spent
6. Have you ever eaten
7. I have never tried