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Summer vacations - it's always nice . Running out of lessons left behind calls the break , and ahead - something very good. Together with her sister I would gladly take care of our vegetables. We water , weed our green flower bed , planted with radishes , sorrel , dill and parsley . And we are pleased when my mother for lunch says, " Oh, what a delicious salad of your vegetables ! Umnichki , my girls , my assistant ! " Summer is the time to take a walk with her ​​friends and play games , and a visit to go . But most of all I look forward to when our parents will go with us to the sea. This summer, I finally learned to swim every morning and jumped for joy on the way to the sea and back. I love the sea.It is wide, wide , deep, deep , is unknown , sometimes even a little scary when you look at it for a long time . The sea - it's something quiet and smooth , close and distant , warm and cool. And as a dip on a hot day in a gentle clear water - and swim , dive, flounder . Now on the table in front of me are sea shells . I attach it to his ear and hear the sound of the surf . It's like I feel like Morek wave flying and bumping into stone throwing in my face thousands of sparkling salt spray . And I laugh , I am happy with his mom , dad, sister , together with the sea gulls and the sun. Summer flies by quickly , and that's already September. And that's good - you can share with my friends for its summer news , I want to see all the boys and girls in our class , I want to begin to learn and to please parents with their success . I think next summer I was having fun I will say: "Hello ! Let's just relax and enjoy together. We deserve it! "