Только имя и интересы другие надо короче на подобе этого составить пожалуйста помогите!!!


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I have a friend.
His name is Zayn.
Harry is ten years old.
He is clever and strong.
Harry can write and count well.
He likes to swim and to ride on the bicycle.
HArry have a cat. He is fat and lazy.
I like Harry's cat.
Harry and me  go to school together.
We are a good friends.
там вместо имени Zayn поменяй на Harry ..
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Hello! I have a nice friend. Her name Kate. She is 13 years. Kate is beautiful and cool. She is can swimming, playing football and good singing. Kate like to draw animals and jumping. Girl have a dog. It is little and bad. I does not like it. Kate and I go to the school together. We best friends.