Заповни слова або словосполучення у їх належній формі. слова для довідок: early, weekdays, go shopping, do cooking, do washing-up, to tidy, to feet, to sweep, to iron. Ann*s grandma gets up ----------- in the morning. She ------------ her ducks and hens, geese and a pig. Then she------------ in the kitchen. On---------- she is very busy. That*s why Ann comes to help her granny after school. She --------- the rooms,---------- the floor,---------- the clother. Sometimes she ----------------- because her Granny can*t walk too much. Granny thanks her granddaughter.She always gives Ann something tasty for dinner. After dinner Ann ----------------- . Then her Granny sits in her armchair.Ann sits nearby and listens to Granny*s interesting stories.


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Заповни слова або словосполучення у їх належній формі.           слова для довідок:  early, weekdays, go shopping, do cooking, do washing-up, to tidy, to feet, to sweep, to iron.                         Ann*s grandma gets up ----early-------  in the morning. She ------feets------  her ducks and hens, geese and a pig. Then she---does cooking--------- in the kitchen. On------weekdays----  she is very busy. That*s why Ann comes to help her granny after school. She -----tidies---- the rooms,----sweeps------ the floor,------irones----  the clother. Sometimes she ---------goes shopping--------  because her Granny can*t walk too much. Granny thanks her granddaughter.She always gives Ann something tasty for dinner. After dinner Ann ----does washing-up------------- . Then her Granny sits in her armchair.Ann sits nearby and listens to Granny*s interesting stories.