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Complete the tag-questions and answer them.

1)You didn't go anywhere,...?

2)You stayed in your home town,...?

3)The weather was terrible in the summer,...?

4)Nobody went with you,...?

7)You didn't make sandcastlesw on the beach,...?

8)You had a lot of fun,...?

9)You couldn't go abroad,...?

10)Your parents were with you during the summer,...?

11)You weren't in the north of our country,...?

12)You didn't go to the forest much,...?

13)You saw a lot of interesting places,...?

14)You didn't write a diary,...?

15)You invited nobody to visit you,...?


Ответы и объяснения


1. did you

No, I didn't.

2. didn't you

Yes, I did.

3. wasn't it

Yes, it was.

4. didn't they

No, they didn't.

7. did you

No, I didn't.

8. hadn't you

Yes, I had.

9. could you

No, I couldn't.

10. weren't they

Yes, they were.

11. were you

No, I wasn't.

12. did you

No, I didn't. 

13. did you

Yes, I did.

14. did you  

No, I didn't.

15. did you

Yes, I did.