Сочинение на тему: "Мои самые ужасные каникулы"...желательно про турцию! в 15 предложений ...помоги срочно!!!!!!!!не копировать,ни откуда!


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My worst holiday was when I was in Turkey. I think so because it was boring and tiring.

First of all, our hotel was awful. Our room was dirty and small. The food was almost inedible so I had to buy some snacks. The waiters were rude and impolite.

Secondly, there was no any entertainment there. All we had was just a TV in our room and a swimming pool. Fortunately, our neighbours were very friendly and I have made a friend in the hotel.

Finally, we couldn’t go anywhere we want. We had to be in the hotel territory and it really upset me.

To conclude, I didn’t like the holiday at all. Thanks to my new friend, I felt a little bit better about it but still I’m not satisfied with my holiday.