III.Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком:
1. There will be a football match on TV tomorrow, ________?
a) will it b) will there c) won't it d) won't there.
2. In never _________ in Sakhara.
a) is snowing b) snows c) doesn't snow d) had snowed.
3. Fresh fruit _________ very useful.
a) is b) are c)were d) had been.
4. His homework was __________ than I had expected.
a) bad b) more bad c) more worse d) worse.
5. I don't know _________ about him.
a) something b) anything c) none d) nothing.
6. In some countries __________ very hot all the time.
a) there is b) is c) it is d) has been.
7. Our house smaller then _________.
a) your b) hers c) their d) you.
8. Ypu must have as _________ sugar as possible. It's bad for you.
a) few b) a little c) little d) much.
9. Which of you _________ to go to the Tretyakov Gallery
next Sunday?
a) does want b) do want c) wanted d) wants.
10. Yesterday we were very surprised, he did his homework ________.
a) well b) good c) worse d) best.


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