Нужно ответить на эти вопросы, чтобы получился небольшой рассказ.

1.Who's your favourite hero?

2 Is he/ she a real person or a hero in comics/films ?

3.Why do you like this person?

4.What does he / she do?

5.Where does he / she live?

6.What does he/she wear ?


Ответы и объяснения

I`ve read a lot of different books, but my favourite  one is the novel of Robinson Crusoe.  
Crusoe with the other men got into a boat with the object of reaching the island. But this boat was soon upset by the high waves and the men were at once swallowed up by the sea. He was the only one who saved himself.For twenty-three years he saw no other human beings  and it was twenty-eight years before he was able to leave the islandThe greater part of the book tells us how Crusoe found shelter  and food, how he built his ‘castle’, how he made his furniture and clothes, and how he taught himself many trades and became expert in doing all sorts of useful things. According to the author’s mind, it follows that man can live by himself comfortably and make all the things he needs with no other people, no other hands to help him.
   This novel is a glorification  of human labour, a triumph of man over nature..