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Birthday is such a wonderful day for everybody! Many people like to celebrate it. On this day you are in the centre of attention. You can spend time with your parents, friends and relatives and get a lot of presents.
On this day in the morning my parents come in to my room and say "Happy birthday to you". My phone keeps ringing all the day, people re calling to congratulate me. This is really great to feel that people remember about you.
Last year I had my birthday party at home. I invited my friends and relatives to the party. There were 12 people. We usually have big parties at home and like to meet guests. My parents helped me organize this party. The guests brought a lot of flowers, presents, postcards and sweets. I thanked them all. We danced made jokes, sang karaoke, played games, spoke about different things. My mom brought the birthday cake and I blew the candles out.
Everyone enjoyed the party very much.