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The main thing in a life of each person is the happiness. It is his main aspiration and stimulus. In my composition I would like to mention such theme as human happiness, to be exact, how much it may cost. This problem was always actual and very interesting for discussion.

To answer this question I would like to introduce Daniel Kanemana`s researches, an American-Israeli scientist who is a world star in the field of modern psychology and Angus Deaton the economist from Princetown, who conducted their research together. The scientists carried out researches which could help to establish howmuch money it is necessary for a person to feel happy. More than 450 thousand people took part in their researches. The respondents filled in questionnaires which helped to estimate the level of their own life on a ten-mark scale. At the same time they were asked about their emotional mood (for example how often and how strongly a person worries, feels pleasure, grief, experiences stress, irritation or other emotions). The results of the research were not surprising. They came to conclusion: the more income of the respondent, the higher is the standard of life estimated by himself. According to the results of this study people need no less than 75 thousand dollars annually to feel happy. Scientists explain the results of the research with the words: « We came to conclusion, that it is possible to buy pleasure of standard of life by means of money, but it is impossible to buy happiness ». According to their research, an emotional condition of the well-off people is influenced by other factors.

In spite of the fact that for many people happiness is associated with material welfare, they get nothing except satisfaction of their financial position. The given feeling does not belong to the aspect of happiness of all human life. For money people cannot buy real love, friendship, kindness and belief of people. In their researches the scientists proved well-known folk wisdom: «Happiness can not be bought for money». And I am completely agree with the given axiom.