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I like to study English. I started learning English when I was 8 and I was in the second form. I can speak and read English very well. It is really great to find out about English people. cities and events. At our lessons we read interesting books, translate from English intо Russian, learn new words.  We speak about interesting people,  English teaches me to think, to speak, it helps me to find friends. The English teacher is very good and kind.  I like translating texts and doing  grammar tasks. I like to discuss relation between people. It is difficult for me to learn English poems and songs by heart but I try. When I study new words I repeat them many times aloud. Usually it is easy for me to do my English homework. As a  rule I spend about 2 hours doing my homework. I have a very good English - Russian dictionary at home. I haven't ever visited an English speaking country.
I know that English will help me in my future profession.