Choosethe correct phrase underlined in each sentence.

What time go you/do you go to bed on Saturdays ?

2. Why are you waiting/do you waiting outside the door?
3. Don’t ask Tim. He doesn’t know/not knows the answer.
4. I having/I’m having my lunch at the moment.
5. When you leave/do you leave the house ?
6. I don’t understand. What is happening/is happen?
7. Excuse me, does you know/do you know the time?
8. This is a great party. I’m having/Am I having a lovely time.
9. We can’t use the lift because it don’t works/doesn’t work.
10. What you are doing/are you doing here?


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1 do you go
2 are you waiting
3 doesn't know
4 I having
5 do you leave
6 is happen
7 do you know
8 I ' m having
9 doesn't work
10 are you doing