2. Translate the words given in brackets using Present Continuous.
1. Excuse me, what language (ти розмовляєш)? 2. (Діти грають у футбол) in the yard now. 3. Let’s go home. (стає прохолодно). 4. (Чому вони сміються)? Did I say anything funny? 5. Our parents (повертаються) from Turkey. 6. At the moment John (пролітає) over the ocean. 7. Can you hear those people? (Про що вони говорять)? 8. Look! Somebody (несе твою валізу). 9. Don’t rush us. (Ми працюємо) as fast as we can. 10. Hurry! The bus (наближається).
3. Use the verbs given in brackets in Present Indefinite (I do) / Present Continuous (I’m doing).
1. Why you (to walk) so fast today? You usually (to walk) quite slowly. – I (to hurry), I am afraid to miss the train. 2. Cuckoos (not to build) nests. They (to use) the nests of other birds. 3. I always (to buy) lottery tickets but I seldom (to win). 4. You can’t have the book now because my brother (to read) it. 5. Some people (to do) everything with their left hand. 6. Who (to make) the terrible noise? – It’s my son. 7. How you (to feel)? 8. Switch on the light. It (to get) dark. 9. You (to understand) the rule? 10. The sun (to set) late in summer. 11. What you (to look for)? - We (to look for) our grandmother’s spectacles. 12. I (not to know) what he (to want). 13. What time she (to come) here as a rule? 14. Look, snow still (to fall). 15. It often (to rain) in October.
5. Translate the following sentences into English. Pay attention to the use of the Present Continuous to express an action in the near future.
1. Ми зараз дуже заклопотані, оскільки від’їжджаємо завтра. 2. Поїзди відходять і прибувають через 5 хвилин. 3. Делегація англійських освітян прилітає (to arrive by plane) сьогодні ввечері до Києва. 4. Моя сестра приїжджає в суботу. Я мушу її зустріти. 5. У понеділок я складаю іспит з історії Англії. 6. Студенти складають екзамени двічі на рік. 7. Моя подруга влаштовує сьогодні вечірку. 8. Коли вони влаштовують вечірку, вони, як правило, запрошують усю нашу родину.


Ответы и объяснения

1.Are you speaking. 2. Children are playing football. 3.It is getting cool. 4.Why are they 
laughing? 5.Are coming back.6.Is flying. 7.What are they speaking about.8.carrying your baggage.9.We are working now. 10.is coming up. 
1. why do you walk so... . walk..hurry.2.not build. they use.3.buy.... win. 4. is reading it.5. do....6. is making.... 7.how do you feel 8. it is getting ...9.do you understend the rule.10.set.11.what are you looking for .we are looking...12.I dont know what he wants.13. she is coming here as a rule.14.Look snow is falling.15. rain

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