Answer the questions about your classroom. Give the full answers.

1. Do you have a new classroom this year ?

2.Is your classroom big and clean ?

3.Are there any bookshelves in your classroom ?

4.Do you have blinds on the windows in your classroom ?

5.Have you got any plants in your classroom ?

6.Did you have any pictures on the walls in your classroom last year ?

7.How many computers do you have in your classroom ?

8.Do you like your classroom ?


Ответы и объяснения

1.Yes,I have a new classroom this year.
2.My classroom is big and clean.
3.There are two bookshelves in my classroom.
4.No,we have curtains on the windows in our classroom.
5.We have got many plants in our classroom.
6. Yes,we had some pictures on the walls last year.
7.We have not computers in our classroom.
8.Yes,I like my classroom.