Тут 2 задания!!!
1. Найти соответственность;
2. Дополнить предложения используя текст! ( Не одним словом!!!)


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1 задание:

1. F

2. B
3. C
4. A
5. H
6. D
7. G

2 задание:
1.       If you take responsibility for your own learning, you will try to use the language you are learning as much as possible.
2.       Autonomous learner doesn’t need a class where they can use the language
3.       Independent language learners use dictionaries to learn new words and phrases
4.       The important resources for autonomous learner are books, dictionaries,  films, music and native speakers
5.       They use the Internet to chat with native speakers
6.       If you want to improve your chances of learning at least one foreign language well, you should learn a lot of new things outside the classroom. For example, watch films in that language or read books in it.