Закончите интервью, используя глаголы в одной из существующих форм глагола.

-How long have you been writing for teenagers?
-For ten years. I (1)_____(to write) poems and little stories since Iwas a child. I like writing for teenagers. When I(2)___(to write) for young people, I think about writing the plot.
-What writers(3)____(to influence) your writing?
-I(4)____(to read) lots of different things since I learnt to read and I think everything(5)_____(to have) an influence on me. In my early years, J.D. Salinger and Jack London were my favourite writers. I like crime fiction and I still(6)____(to read) a lot of American crime writers. I also like reading a lot of non-fiction books.
-(7)____you___(to read) much teen fiction by other writers?
-I usually(8)___(to read) a lot. But, when I(9)_____(to write) a book I(10)___(to try) not to read much teen fiction.


Ответы и объяснения

1 have written
2 have written
3 have influenced
4 have read
5 has been
6 reading
7 have you read
8 read
9 have written
10 tried