Сomplete the sentences using the most approptiate verb below. Each verb is only used once and there is one extra.
agree arrive be enjoy go practise read rise spend watch

1. It ...(not) always important to understand every word when you read.
2/ My friend and I ...playing computer games.
3. Marco ...jogging every morning and....televishion in the evening.
4. How long ...(you) studying every day?
5. The sun ...(not) in the west, but in the east.
6. I....(not) with you, I think Spanish food is great!
7. The plane from Milan ...at 16.25.
8. ..(he/often) a newspaper?


Ответы и объяснения

1) isn't
3) goes, watches
4)do you spend
5)doesn't rise
6)don't agree
7)arrives/ will arrive
8)does he often read