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The people who will always love and accept you for who you are, nearer and dearer to which there is no one in the world - it's a family , and happy is he who can proudly call their family strong and reliable rear .
 My family - the parents and older brother . My mother - engineer, it is responsible and competent approach to the work never stopped to fully pay attention to our children . She was always responsive and good, and there is such a moment in which I had not felt her support , care, and universal love . With my mother can talk about everything , it is - my best friend, the secrets of which can not be.
 My dad led a major subdivision construction administration , his large-scale work , and the post requires serious knowledge and huge experience and ability to organize employees. But at home dad never raised his voice , with us it is soft and kind-hearted . With my Dad always interesting , he is extremely interested in reading , and knows it seems everyone in the world. In addition to his profession, he is interested in yoga, history and life of the outstanding commanders and leaders. His vast knowledge , and they are always willing to share it , enriching our brother horizons.
 Despite the engineering focus of the work of parents, my elder brother, dreams of becoming a doctor , and this desire emerged and grew stronger in him from a young age . So today he strenuously engaged in chemistry and biology , independently develops additional material and writes a scientific paper for presentation at a school conference. I sometimes envy his dedication and desire to succeed in their work , and from my heart I wish him that.
 Perhaps it would be wrong to include the family members of our ginger kitten Murzik , but without this amazingly fun and understandingly beings is impossible to imagine the integrity of our family. This charming trickster is able to raise a matter of seconds all of us up and give joy to communicate with such a clever and cheerful small predator.
 Family for me - it's a very special concept, and I would like to do everything to make my family have always been happy and healthy , and that saw me as a real support and realization of their hopes .