Read and complete the text. Put the verbs into the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.
Nikita Smirnov is a member of the Explorer's Club. He is only twelve years old, but he ... (already / take part) in several expeditions. He ... (star) travelling with his parents when he ... (be) only two years old. Last summer, Nikita ... (go) to an international eco-camp in the Altai Region. Together with teenagers from different countries, he ... (enjoy) the beauty of mountains, ... (swim) in lakes with crystal clear water, ... (make) fires in the evening and ... (clean) the area.
Nikita ... (visit) some other countries. He ... (be) to Finland recently, but he ... (not / be) to Australia yet. He hopes to go there one day. What country would you like to visit?


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1. he has already taken part
3. was
5.enjoyed , swam, made , cleaned
6. has visited
7.has visited
8 hasn't been