Complete the sentences with the right verbs.
1. Next year he .... five (will be/is) .2. Tomorrow it ... warm with a few showers (will be/is). 3. Who do you think ... (will win/wins)?. 4. It (doesnt rain/ wont rain) next week. 5. Clothes (are/will be) very different in the year 2010.6. If you (come/will come) there first , keep a seat for me.7. When you (find/will find) some material related to the topic let me know.8. When it (will get/gets) dark, we (will light/ light) the candles.9. he (willbe/is) anxious if you (will come/come) late/10.- There is a doorbell.- I (will go/go) and open the door.


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Complete the sentences with the right verbs.
1. Next year he .... five will be.
2. Tomorrow it ... warm with a few showers. will be.
3. Who do you think ... wins?.
4. It wont rain next week.
5. Clothes will be very different in the year 2010.
6. If you come there first, keep a seat for me.
7. When you find some material related to the topic let me know.
8. When it gets dark, we (will light/ light) the candles.
9. he will be anxious if you come late.
10.- There is a doorbell.- I will go and  open  the  door.