Помогите вставить пропущенные слова. Помогите вставить пропущенные слова. I am fine.I like my Russian school. It .... big and modern. I ... a new student in the class. I've got a new timetable. There .... many interesting subjects. I ... happy because i made two friends. Their names ... Katya and Dima. Now there ... 14 boys and 14 girls in the class. Today we had five lessons. But we didn't get any marks. During the breaks my claasmates asked me many questions about my school in Britain. After our classes they explained the Nature Studies homework to me.

это же легко
у меня очень плохо с англиским
с 1 по4 класс у нас не было учителя, а я в другую школу перевилась и ......

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