Нужно написать мини сочинение по английскому на теми я и моя семья. какие у нас есть семейные традиции, что значит для меня семья, что мы любим делать вместе. Помогите пожалуйста)


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My family isn't large. Besides my parents I have an elder sister whose name is Irina. She is 19 and she is a student of the institute. She can play the piano very well but she can't speak English as her friend can. I am Masha. I am 13 and I am a student of the secondary school. I am not very tall but I am not short either. I like skating and reading. But I can't play chess as my father can. My mother's name is Inna Vasilievna. She is 39 and she is a nurse in our hospital. My mother is very pretty and kind. She can draw very well but she can't play the piano as my Granny and my older sister. My father's name is Ivan Petrovich. He is 42 and he is a driver in the same hospital. My father is very strong and strict. He likes to play chess but he can't draw as well as our mother can/. Our granny doesn't live with us, but she lives not far from our house so I often come to see her on Sundays. We are a friendly family and we try to get along with each other and try to discuss our problems and to solve them together.