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I think that hobby is important thing in our life. At the moment we have a lot of hobbies which are very modern and popular. For example photography, theatre, reading or collecting marks. It seems to me that hobby is the greatest thing in people’s life.

My hobby is cooking. I love to cook and experiment with some products. I really enjoy reading or watching films, because it's always interesting, helpful and helps to relax. I like study English. I think that people who know English can visit different countries without problems, because English gives a possibility to communicate with foreign people. I like to spend my spare time with my friends. We discuss films, books, TV programmes. In fine weather we like to be in the open air. My hobby is a great source of joy and pleasure to me.


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Hobby is AN important thing. Не забывайте про артикль.
In fine weather. Я бы на вашем месте написал When weather is fine...