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In those days, did not want to go out, and even more, go for a walk in the woods or even in the park. Raw land, mud everywhere, no rubber boots are unlikely to manage, and in rubber boots - cold. Wind rises such that breaks the umbrella as a match or just turns it inside out. Few people like the weather in the late fall. And Alexander Pushkin and wrote, "The days of late autumn usually scold ..." That is, people usually do not entirely pleased that offers us the weather at the end of November. They rightly criticize late fall for the bad weather, endless rain and mud. A person at a time seems a very lonely.
But even in this weather, you can find something enjoyable. For example, in this weather is very good to read a book or look out the window at the rain and dream. Under the rain well to think and dream. It is known, for example, directors and movies often feature characters who look through the glass in the rain and at this time for them to come to mind solutions to their problems or some fantastic plans