Напишите ПРИМЕРНОЕ письмо пожалуйста "как я провел каникулы" по всем правилам


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Dear Ann,  
I was very glad to hear from you. I haven't written for ages because of my school activities.  
Now I want to tell you about my summer holidays. When my holidays came I was very happy!  The weather was fine so my friends and I went for a walk every day. It was fun! Then I spent a month in the country where my grandfather and grandmother lived. It was great. I drank milk and ate a lot of tasty food which my granny prepared for me. I have many friends in this village because I go there every holidays. We played football and tennis every day! There is a small river near the forest and we swam when the weather was fine. It was great!  I liked my holidays very much.  
That's enough for me today. I have to go now.  
Best regards to your family.
Write soon.  

Yours Anita