Ответы и объяснения

1. I usually  make cakes on Sundays.
2. Your friend drinks coffee in the morning.
3. Students always read many interesting books.
4. She often sings her favorite songs loudly.
5. John seldom prepares dinner.
6. Children run in the park every day.
7.My friends visit musiums every November and March. - Мои друзья посещают музеи каждый ноябрь и март
8. I
n  spring and summer weather is always good. - Погода всегда хорошая весной и летом.
There are two cold and two hot seasons in a year. -  В году два теплых времени года и два холодных.-
Days are cold and short in January. - В января дни очень короткие и холодные.
11.There are a lot of beautiful lakes, fields and forests in Russia. - В России много красивых озер, полей и лесов.
12.  I don’t like to eat in the morning so I usually have a cup of black tea or coffee.
13. My parents always make me eat meat, salad and sandwiches because I come home from school only at 3 p.m.
14. I hate any sorts of porridge so I agree to eat one sandwich for my breakfast.
15. All my relatives like to eat cereal like cornflakes with milk.
16.  I don’t because I hate milk.
17. Most of all I like meat or fish with vegetables but  sometimes I have to eat some soup because of my mother.
18. I don’t like to make her upset.  
I don’t have a sweet tooth like my mother so I almost don’t eat sweets such as puddings, cakes, rolls, pies and so on because I think they are not good for my health.
20. I prefer eating fast food but not very often because it’s much more harmful that sweets but so tasty!