1complete the text with in the past simple the verbs.2помогите пожалуйста перевести.Max (got up early).He clean his teeth and (have) breakfast.It (be) 7.30 a.m the 1 st of september.It be his first day at school.He (put)on his new school uniform and (take) floowers for the teacher.He( go) to school with his parents.His father (make )a video of him whem he (give) the flowers to the teacher.That day he had just a few lessons and( come)home early.After lunch he go for a walk with his new friend Anton.They (speak )about tell each other about their first day at school .Then they (tell) each other about their summers.It was late and the new classmates went home.Max say :Good see you tomorrow .And Anton said:ok,see you,bye.Max was tired but happy.


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