Помогите с сочинением по английскому на тему: "Как сделать изучение английского языка легче?"

Здесь нужно предложить какие-то свои методы и способы изучения языка! Спасибо огромной, кто отзовется!)


Ответы и объяснения

Learning English can be very difficult for some people. Nowadays, there are many language centers and classes offered to those who is interested but they are not much help sometimes.As for me, I try to read as much as I can. I also listen to the music in English language, it also helps to extend my vocabulary. And the most effective way to improve any foreign language is actually speak it with native speakers. 
A lot of people want to learn English. I believe that learning English can be easy and interesting.
 First of all, you can start watching movies or cartoons in English. It’s fun but it really helps to understand fluent English
Secondly, it’s very good to learn new words from the context. For example, reading books can help to learn lots of new words and phrases so it’ll be easier to understand English.

Finally, you need to speak with people from English-speaking countries. It’ll help you to become fluent in English and it’s very exciting to learn more about other cultures

 In conclusion, I want to say that English is a very fascinating language and if you’ll practise it a lot, you’ll become more broad-minded. Learning English is worth trying!
Спасибо большое, очень хорошие сочинения!)))
не за что, готовлюсь к ЕГЭ, так сказать)
А я с английским не дружу!)) Удачи тебе)