Помогите мне срочно мне нужно завтра англ ая незнаю что рассказать про лето я была в греции была в турции и в хельсинки нужно чтобы было 7 предложений срочно умаляю помогите срочно!!!


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My Summer Holidays

I like summer very much, because it is warm and sunny. In summer pupils do not go to school, and in June I went to the school summer camp. We played badminton, volleyball, basketball and other games with my friends. It was fine.

Sometimes I go to the village. This summer I was in the village too. There I saw different birds and animals. I saw dogs, cats, cows, pigs, geese, ducks, chickens and even frogs.

Our family my mother, my father and I went to the Volga river and to the Irgiz river with a tent. There we swam, went fishing and played. I liked it most of all.

I had very good holidays last summer.