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The names of the dinosaurs - a whole bunch of puzzles . Each type of dinosaur is given a new name. The name that comes up with a paleontologist who studies the remains of detail and compares the results with the previously studied species. Next, an article published in a special journal . Thus was born a new kind of dinosaurs.All dinosaurs were similar, but had a number of significant differences in appearance.Brachiosaurus ( long-armed lizard ) is considered the largest giant lizard . His weight was 80 tons or more. That's exactly it can not be confused with other dinosaurs. Stood tall front konechnostyami.Uchenym can not reliably determine what dinosaurs ate . Because it never found the remains of the stomach contents . In the Late Jurassic , when the land was inhabited by giant lizards , grew arauarii . There were many different species of ferns , cycads and conifers.But you can make the assumption, based on the growth of the lizard , number of teeth, body size, and length of the cheeks, eating dinozavry.Na basis of the following scientists have concluded that even giant dinosaurs preferred gregarious life . However, not all . But this way is good because it was convenient to hunt animals , gather food , breed offspring. It was convenient to live young individuals. After all, not all large dinosaurs were herbivores , and there were many predators. Bird-hipped - their dimensions and parametersThe second major group of dinosaurs - the bird-hipped ( ornithischians ) belonged to the herbivores . It was assumed that they were all moved exclusively on the four legs. But in the Triassic dinosaurs were already some small sizes, which could move on two legs . Noted resemblance to the small predatory dinosaurs. But had significant differences in individual elements of the structure of the body. The growth of the dinosaurs was determined by means of a baby dinosaur skeletonAccording to Live Science, a group of paleontologists from Switzerland , who led Daniel Schwartz, very lucky. They had been discovered and studied a great find - an intact skeleton of a baby dinosaur , which belonged to the diplodocus . The material for the study is in good condition. How fast running gazelevye ?The dinosaurs could run fast . Not everyone, of course. But lizards , which belong to the species gazelevyh were the best runners . According to the scientists , " bird " legs of the lizard ran up to 45 miles per hour. it was thought that these herbivores were able to exist throughout the Mesozoic era . At the time elapsed gazelevye dinosaurs were between 1 and 4 meters , nature has defined the same place as the current defined medium-sized herbivores in the modern world: in the chain of a gazelle , antelope , deer , goats and kangaroos. It is easier lived in the herd.