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publish TV programmes in the TV Times, a popular weekly.

8). They show some programmes live but record most of
them on film or videotape.

9). Nowadays you can find video shops everywhere in

10). Young people usually enjoy video clips and action

11). Some of the older people never miss old
black-and-white films.

12). They always devote a lot of programmes to sport.

13). TV people introduce new programmes all the time.


Ответы и объяснения

7, TV programms are published in the TV Times.
8. Some programms live are shown by them, but most of them are recorded on film of videotape.
9. Nowadays video shops can be found everywhere in Britain.
10. Young people are enjoyed by video clips and action films.
11. Old black-and-white films are never missed by some of the older people.
12. A lot of programms are always devoted to sport.
13. New programms are introduced by TV people all the time.