ответить на вопросы, только как можно проще !!!!

писать ерунду не надо

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1. It plays a big role in my life. I like it very much.
2. The other fine arts that I know are painting, sculpture and architecture. I prefer painting and architecture, maybe.
3. I can sing a little, but I can't dance. I think a person should be able to do some of the mentioned things for his own development.
4. I like popular music more, but I can understand classical music as well. I prefer new music over old. Especially I love rock and hip-hop music.
5. I listen to the music very often. I do it at home, on my way to school and in many other places.
6. I prefer listening to the music when I'm alone but I discuss it with my friends rather often.
7. Yes, I have my favourites: AC/DC, Deep Purple, Guns'n'Roses and many other bands. I like them because they make excellent music.
8. Music is popular because it has lots of styles and genres for everyone's taste. It's a hobby for people of all ages.
9. No, I think it can hardly ever become an addiction and I don't really know any of such people. Many people listen to the music very often but it doesn't interfere with their lives.
10. Yes, I think people should improve their music taste by trying new musical genres, reading about music and discussing it with others.
11. I know such composers as J.S. Bach, W.A.Mozart, L. van Beethoven and others. Unfortunately, I don't know much about their lives.
12. I know some festivals that take place in Russia such as Nashestvie and Krylia.

Вместо названий групп, фестивалей, композиторов и стилей можешь подставлять своих. Думаю, тут достаточно просто. По одной фразочке на вопрос. Удачи!  :)