Не большой рассказ на английском(10-15 предложений) , на тему "Что такое цивилизация?"


Ответы и объяснения

The separated for some reason, among other species in prehistoric times, man follows the path called civilization. Of course, at different stages of people still are not much different from the animals. He could not speak, eat something that has historically had no home. Then, in the first phase savage existence, he learned to make fire, and eat fish. Later, he began to make crude guns for hunting and self-defense, and families together in tribes. Still later, he learned how to do the dishes for cooking and storing food. Yet people continued to remain in their primitive state.
The next step was what we call barbaric. People learned how to grow plant foods and tame wild animals, possess various qualities useful to humans. Later, they learned how to use metals such as iron and copper, and thus create better tools for hunting and protection. Then people began to build confidence and housing.