Составьте, пожалуйста, 3 предложения в настоящем длительном времени и 3 в прошедшем длительном


Ответы и объяснения

1.I have been studing English since 2006 2. He has been building the house in the village for 2 years 3. They  have been reading this  book since Friday 4. She has been writing her composition for 2 hours 5. We have been walking to the town since 3 o*clock 6. I have been cooking dinner for my family for half an hour 7. They have been watching a new film for an hour 8. The kitten has been playing with a toy since this  morning 9. Ann has been speaking over the telephone for 40 minutes 10. They have been working there since 2008
1. I am watching TV with my friend now.
2. We are sitting on the sofa.
3. Andrew is dreaming about summer vacation now.

1. We were playing basketball yesterday.
2. I was watching a movie.
3. They were going to the theatre.