Перевести из Present Simple в Present Continuous.
1. Ann (not talk) on the phone at the moment.
2. Jane often (lose) her keys.
3. The Robinsons sometimes (have) a barbecue on Sunday afternoons.
4. ( you visit ) your grandparents this weekend?
6. ( Ann wash) the car at the moment?
7. He ( brush his teeth) at 7.30.
8. We (have lesson) now.
9. Jerry usually (do) his homework in the evening but now he (watch) TV.
IO. Wendy (not drive) to work. She always (take ) the train.
11. We (go) climbing tomorrow.
12. (you want) to join us?
13. ( she live) in New York? Yes. but at the moment she (stay) with a friend in London.
14 We ( fly) to Paris next Saturday.
15.Sally sometimes ( pay ) tennis after work.
16. What are you doing? I ( write) a letter to my grandmother.


Ответы и объяснения

1.is not talking
4.Do you visit
6.Is Ann washing
7.brushes his teeth
8.are having lesson
9.does, is watching TV
10.doesn't drive, takes
11.are going
12.Do you want
13.Does she live, is staying
14.are flying
16.am writing