look at the phrases and the leaflet in Ex. 1.

Talk in pairs as in the example.

Asking for advice Giving advice

1. What should i /we do to ...? 4. i think/don't think you should...

2. What's the best way to...? 5.You should (not) ...

3.How can i /we...? 6. How about ...+ing

7. Why don't you ...?


Ответы и объяснения

1. We are doing to save the planet from trash
2.What is the best way to save the planet from junk?
3.  How can I save the planet from trash?
4. I think we should not litter 
5. we need not make fires in the forest
6. What about the construction of a plant for recycling?
7why do not you listen to my advice?