Помогите написать сочинение по плану: 1. Название праздника; 2. Происхождение; 3. Что я делаю на этот праздник; 4. Что в нем нравится.


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Ester is the most important holiday of the year. Ester egg is called pysanka. 
Pysanka shells have been found in archaelogical sites from more then 3000 years ago, and many of those designs are still being used on pysanka today.
Palm Sunday, week before Easter, is known in Ukraine as Willow Sunday. I bring home willow branches wich have been blessed in church.
On Saturday children dye Easter eggs to add to the Ester basked wich will be blessed in church. 
I love this holiday because Easter Sunday is a day of singing songs and eating. Young girls dance and sing about nature and spring/ People exchange pysanky.