Part 1

revision: to be (Present)

Task 1. Complete the sentences
with am / am not, is / is not, are / are

He ……… a mechanical engineer.

No, I ……… a web designer, I
……… an electronic engineer.

The technologist ……… in his

These files ………

John ……… quite competent.

No, they ……… electricians.

My friends and I ………
students of the engineering faculty.

No, it ……… a two-stroke
engine, it ……… a four-stroke engine.

Those screwdrivers ……… new.

Where ......... these tools

Task 2. Write full sentences,
use am / is / are
each time.

(A URL the address of
a file on the Internet) → A URL is
the address of a file on the Internet.
(Just a few solar
panels efficient)(Not all Internet
users competent enough)(Some printers not very
quick)(A racing car a very
complex system)(The total number of
pixels on the display its resolution)(Some of the people in
this workshop not at work now)(These programs
available from our website)(I interested in computer-aided
design) (Those Internet service providers not

Task 3. Write true sentences,
positive or negative. Use am / am not, is
/ is not, are / are not

/ the capital of France)
- Paris is
the capital of France.
(We / students of the law
faculty) - We are not students of the law
(Few application
programs / free of charge)(The question of personal
data security / important at present)(We / competent
computer users)(Most teenagers /
interested in social networks)(It / easy to study power
engineering)(I / nervous at exams)(Passwords / often
used to protect confidential information)(Modems / necessary to
have Internet access)

Task 4. Ask and answer
questions using the words given in brackets.

(elderly people eager
to use PCs)?(virtual reality
useful in education)?(German cars popular
in Russia)?(it easy to design a
new engine)?(civil engineering
complicated)?(all mobile phone services
free)?(iPhones widespread in
many European countries)?(you a student of
Kolomna Branch of Moscow State Open University)?(Otto Diesel the inventor
of the dynamo)?(nuclear power
stations dangerous)?

Task 5. Write questions with What / Who / Where / When / How / Why, use am / is / are.

The providers are
ready to install the equipment. (What?)The chief engineer is
in the office. (Where?)This e-mail attachment
is suspicious. (Why?)The colour of my motorbike
is dark. (What colour?)These tools are rather
valuable. (How much?)Elderly people are not
always eager to send sms-messages. (What kind of?)Mr. Blake is a mechanic.
(Who?)The help of a
competent technologist is necessary in most difficult cases. (When?)Three of the nuts are the
wrong size. (How many?)The engineer’s
interests are in the area of applied science and research. (Whose?)The head of our
department is 42 years old. (How old?)

Task 6. Complete the following
tag questions.

The Internet providers
are responsible for the service quality, .........?This program isn’t
free, ………?These students aren’t
from Moscow, ………?You are a future
engineer, ………?The weather isn’t
pleasant, .........?Those files aren’t in
the folder, ………?Miss Bennet is a
competent technologist, ………?These specialists are
foreigners, ………?You aren’t interested
in machine building, ………?This student is never
late, .........?


Ответы и объяснения


Это Проверенный ответ

Проверенные ответы содержат надёжную, заслуживающую доверия информацию, оценённую командой экспертов. На "Знаниях" вы найдёте миллионы ответов, правильность которых подтвердили активные участники сообщества, но Проверенные ответы - это лучшие из лучших.
He ıs a mechanical engineer.       
No, I am not a web designer, I am an electronic engineer.       
The technologist is in his office.
These files are out-of-date.
John is quite competent.
No, they aren't electricians.
My friends and I are students of the engineering faculty.
No, it ısn't a two-stroke engine, it is  a four-stroke engine.
Those screwdrivers are new.

Where are these tools from?

Task 2. Write full sentences,

the address of a file on the Internet.
Just a few solar panels are efficient
Not all Internet users are competent enough
Some printers are not very quick
A racing car ıs a very complex system
The total number of pixels on the display is its resolution
Some of the people in this workshop are not at work now
These programs are available from our website
I am interested in computer-aided design
Those Internet service providers are not reliable
Task 3. Write true sentences
Few application programs are free of charge
The question of personal data security is important at present
We are competent computer users
Most teenagers are interested in social networks
It isn't easy to study power engineering
I am  nervous at exams
Passwords are often used to protect confidential information
Modems are necessary to have Internet access
Task 4. Ask and answer questions using the words given in brackets.
Are elderly people eager to use PCs?
İs virtual reality useful in education?
Are German cars popular in Russia?
Is it easy to design a new engine?
Is civil engineering complicated?
Are all mobile phone services free?
Are iPhones widespread in many European countries?
Are you a student of
Kolomna Branch of Moscow State Open University?
Is Otto Diesel the inventor of the dynamo?
Are nuclear power stations dangerous?
Task 5. Write questions with What / Who / Where / When / How / Why, use am / is / are.
The providers are ready to install the equipment.
What are the provıders ready to install?
 The chief engineer is in the office.
 Where is the chef engineer?
This e-mail attachment is suspicious.
Why is this e-mail attachment suspicious?
The colour of my motorbike is dark.
What colour is your motorbike?
These tools are rather valuable.
How much are these tools?
Elderly people are not always eager to send sms-messages.
What kind of messages elderly people aren't always eager to send?
Mr. Blake is a mechanic. 
Who is Mr. Blake?
The help of a competent technologist is necessary in most difficult cases.
When is the help of a competent technologist  necessary?
Three of the nuts are the wrong size.
How many of the nuts are the wrong size?
The engineer’s interests are in the area of applied science and research. Whose interests are in the area of applied science and research?
The head of our department is 42 years old.
How old is the head of our department?
Task 6. Complete the following tag questions.
The Internet providers are responsible for the service quality, .aren't they?
This program isn’t free, ıs it?
These students aren’t from Moscow, are they?
You are a future engineer,aren't you?
The weather isn’t pleasant, is it?
Those files aren’t in the folder, are they?
Miss Bennet is a competent technologist, isn't she?
These specialists are foreigners, aren't they?
You aren’t interested in machine building, are you?
This student is never late, is he?