Помогите составить письмо по английски на тему как я провёл летние каникулы
1)Где провёл лето
2)Что больше всего понравилось
от 80 до 100 слов


Ответы и объяснения

I would like to write about my summer holidays. This holidays was the best I have ever had! Because my family and I travelled to Italy. This is fantastic country. The arcitecture is very attractive and magnificent. We travelled to Rome and Milan. And the greatest impressin gave me Colliseum. It was big and beautifull? so I looked at it for a long time, admiringand  taking pictures. I had  a lot of different impressions, during our trip. I practiced my language, talking with boys and girls, I find new friends, and now we are typing on Facebook. So me holidays was unforgetable, awesom and funny! 
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