Use the words in the brackets in the present simple or present progressive.
1. Why isn't he at the table? He (sleep) now. He always (go) to bed early.
2.Why are they in the car? They (leave) now. They usually (leave) at 7:30.
3.Why is it so noisy? The children (play) in the yard. They sometimes (play) here.
4.Why is the child so happy? He (watch) TV. He never (wach) TV so late.
5.Why is the room so untidy? We (pack) our things. We always (pack) our winter clothes in spring.


Ответы и объяснения

1) he is sleeping now. He always goes to bed early. 2) They are leaving now. They usually leave...3) The children are playing... They sometimes play... 4) he is watching... He never watches... 5) We are packing... We always pack