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Present Simple
1. I go to school by public transport.
2. My friend goes to her grandmother every weekend.
3. Many people try to live healthily nowadays.
4. My little cousin watches cartoons every afternoon.
5. Kate goes to bed very late, so she does not get enough sleep.
6. I usually go for a walk with my friends.
7. I always do my homework in time.

Present Continuous
1. I'm waiting for my train to arrive.
2. I'm trying to solve this problem.
3. Can you hear? Somebody is playing the piano. Sounds lovely!
4. Don't look at me that way, I'm being serious!
5. Olga is sleeping now, so please phone her later.
6. Mark is travelling around Europe, so you can only meet him next month.
7. He's taking a gap year in order to prepare for the exams .
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