СРОЧНООООО!!!!!!!ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!!!!! ОЧЕНЬ НАДО ДО ЗАВТРА!!!ПОЖАЛУЙСТАААААААААААААААА!ПРОШУУУУУУУУУУУУУ!ЗАРАНЕЕ СПАСИБО)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Describe your usual summer. Is it fan? Is it a bit boring? What do you want to do next summer? Write a for and against essay. Write 100-140 Words.


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My usual summer is fun. When the weather is good and sunny I like walking in the park or in the forest, swimming in the river, meeting my friends, visiting my grandparents and so on. In summer I can relax and do nothing. It is cool!  Almost every summer I go to the sea. I like it, because it is another world. Of course when the weather is rainy and I have to be at home it is boring. I don’t like sitting at home in summer. Next summer I want to go to the sea. I want to go camping with my friends. Or do something unusual.