Помогите пожалуйста составит 8 вопросов с текста: The band started with Howie Dorough, AJ McLean and Nick Carter. AJ worked as a model when he was six. He also acted in shcool plays. When he was fourteen, he got to know Howie. Howie had roles in films and plays. They became friends and went to auditions together. They met Nick at one of those auditions. Nick s parents had a disco and Nick used to dance there. The three of them started singing together for a record company called Transcontinental Records.
The record company owner, Lou Perlman, had a friend who knew Kevin Richardson. Kevin had a job at Disney World in Ornaldo at the time. When Lou s friend told Kevin about the new group, Kevin decided to meet them. the four became friends and Kevin joined the group. Lou wanted one more person for the group. The fifth member was Brian Littrell, Kevin s cousin. BSB released their first album in 1996. They received their first gold record in Germany for this album. A second album followed in late 1997. в вопросах используйте такие вопросительные слова Who, where, when and what. зарание спасибо


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