Пожайлуста помогите.
Сложите диалог про радио с такими предложениями
Wy dont speak abaut?
I mean thet
In my opinion
I must suy that
Yes, thet s righit
I think so too
Im afreid you are wrong


Ответы и объяснения

Hello! My name is Pit I'm working on radio. And today I'll tell you about the interview.
- Hi Mark!
- Hi
- Today we will talk about your family!
- No, we will not do it.
- Why don't speak about this.
- In my opinion it's personal.
- Yes, that is right.
- I must say that it is not a pleasant topic for me.
- Okay! Mark all say that you are very greedy.
-  I'm afraid you are wrong I'm thrifty, 
-  I mean that you do not give money to charity as the other
- I think you need to finish our interview
- I think so too, by Mark