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Complete the sentences using the verbs in the box in the correct form - Present Simple of Present Continuous. Use each verb twice.

do, get, live, sell, think, work

a) Normally, I am in the office in the afternoon, but this month I ____ a course

b) In the winter, the reps ____ more than in the summer.

c) Our most inportant market is the Far East. We ____ bussiness with several companies there.

d) Our new product line ____ very well this year.

e) Our boss ____ very long hours.

f) He ____ of changing his job because he`s not very happy.

g) `What`s your address?` `I ____ in a hotel untif we find a nice flat.`.

h) In June, the weather ____ hot there, so take some cool clother.

i) He ____ his job is really interesting.

j) It ____ hotter. We need to get some air conditioning for the office.

k) At present, we ____ on new products and services for the future.

l) During the week, he ____ in his city flat and at the weekend he goes to the country.


Ответы и объяснения

A) I am doing a cause b) sell c) are doing d) is being sold e)works f) is thinking of g) am living h) gets i) thinks j) is getting k) are working l) lives