Помогите составить диалог на тему летние каникулы!!! заранее спасибо!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения

- Hello, Vanya!

- Hi, Sasha! Delighted to meet you!

And I'm so glad! Tell us, how did you spend the summer holidays?

- Oh, I spent them very interesting. My parents went to rest to the sea.

- Really? And exactly where you have traveled?

- In Ukraine, in the Crimea. We first lived in Alushta, in the resort. Bathed in a sea of plenty, basking in the sun. My father and I even went fishing from the pier.

- Something caught?

- Sea ruff! But it is impossible, so we let him go.

- And then you have to you can recommend?

- Yes, we went on tour to Yalta, Sevastopol, Sudak. I especially liked the ancient fortress in Sudak. Yes I'm all about myself yeah! You have a nice summer, friend?

- Parents have the money to travel, so I spent it at home. But not bored.

- What are you doing for three months?

- A bike ride, with children playing in different games. Football, basketball, volleyball - we have tried. Every day he went on horizontal bars to do gymnastics. See what muscles pumped up?

- Oh, I wouldn't mind having such ...

- I read books, fiction. Because I have a lot of time. Now I'm an expert in this genre.

- Well, then tell me, that I have read. And I owe about Crimea. Sasha, do you agree?

- I agree!